Bank and society

Financial and social components of Khreschatyk Bank’s activities are closely tied to each other. It became especially vivid in recent years, when the bank’s social activity intensified along with the growth of its capitalization. Cultural and patronage projects and promotions have long become part of Khreschatyk’s life – every year, our bank invests thousands of hryvnias in development of education, culture, sports, and help to children, the poor and veterans. It didn’t go unnoticed on part of the public: in 2008, our bank received the highest international rating А+ as a socially responsible business. At the same time, our bank is trying to use systemic approach to implementation of socially-oriented projects, business support programs, regional specific-purpose events, cultural and patronage projects, etc., because for Khreschatyk Bank, reputation capital and corporate social responsibility are the logical continuation of clearly defined stance on the fulfillment of tasks of development of Ukrainian financial sector in general and the bank itself in particular.


Among the social responsibility principles the most important for us are:

  • social innovativeness: a shift toward socially-oriented programs, products and services. What makes Khreschatyk’s products unique in this respect is, first of all, their social adaptation to the most diverse categories of population. In addition, one of the aspects of social responsibility is responsibility in advertising and marketing promotion of banking products, i.e., in providing open and complete information about every product, without hiding actual amount of fees applicable rates;

  • charity, which not only reasserts social justice but also plays a very important upbringing role. For many years Khreschatyk Bank has been fostering establishment and development of charitable foundations, creative collectives and development centers for children and the youth, devoting special attention to destitute children from 18 children’s homes in all regions of Ukraine supported by Khreschatyk Bank;

  • sympathy: Khreschatyk Bank is open for everybody who cares about the nation’s health and future generations. Therefore, our programs of supporting medical institutions envisage not only financing of particular projects but, first of all, advantageous terms of financing medical institutions, specific-purpose assistance to particular people, active participation in combating drug abuse, AIDS, etc. A new, interesting project of our bank was The Most Precious Treasure – a school of life for pregnant women and young mothers;

  • investment in the future: a principle, according to which Khreschatyk Bank provides support to the talented youth, participates in the national and citywide contests of young entrepreneurs where our specialists are active jury members. Our bank also provides support to other youth organizations; in particular, in 2007-2008 Khreschatyk Bank became the exclusive sponsor of the international event Bethlehem Fire of Peace;

  • historical and cultural heritage, which means drawing attention of our society to Ukraine’s historical heritage. Among Khreschatyk Bank’s cultural projects are: permanent exhibition of Ukrainian amber in St. Sophia of Kyiv, publication of Khreschatyk Bank Library, construction and reconstruction of a whole number of historical monuments, churches and cathedrals in Ukraine. In addition, for many years our bank has been presenting gifts to those who value the beautiful in the form of projects supporting the works by professionals and beginners. Among the brightest of them are the festivals of theatrical and folk art May Kyiv, Carpathian Vernissage, Rodyna named after Nazarii Yaremchuk, Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art (Ukrainian delegation), the classical music contest Spring Rhapsody, etc.;

  • value of the team: that’s the principle considered one of the key in management of Khreschatyk Bank’s personnel. To ensure continuous improvement of professional level, our bank has introduced a two-level system of testing and continuous training. Substantial attention is devoted to personal motivation of employees, scientific organization of labor and ergonomic aspects of formation of workspace, etc.;

  • objectivity and openness: these are the principles laid in Khreschatyk Bank’s brand slogan. They manifest themselves not only in the transparency of financial information but, first of all, in the readiness for dialogue with the society for which all possible communication channels are engaged – from direct contacts with representatives of mass media to scientific and industry conferences, round tables, symposiums, etc.

Khreschatyk Bank’s most important social projects in 2013:

  • Financial education program A Step Into Life: under this program, the total of 439 payment cards were issued to secondary school graduates from 16 regions of Ukraine. The program included large-scale PR events in the Transcarpathian and Lviv Oblasts featuring TV and the press, where school graduates were presented payment cards, diplomas of gratitude from the Chairman of the Management Board and valuable gifts – an issue of Khreschatyk Bank Library.
  • Events commemorating Khreschatyk Bank’s 20th anniversary: our best employees and customers were awarded orders and medals and received diplomas of honor and gratitude and also valuable gifts (an issue of Khreschatyk Bank Library). In addition, holders have branded the main street of Ukraine’s capital, Khreschatyk, and on 19 May Kyiv’s residents and visitors received branded green-and-yellow air balloons on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti.
  • Support, in the person of the Chairman of Khreschatyk Bank Management Board Dmytro Grydzhuk, of Kyiv photographer Arsen Fedosenko’s photo exhibition To Be Oneself devoted to the International Children’s Day;
  • Further implementation of the social project The Kievite’s Card by participation in public events popularizing The Kievite’s Card, held jointly with Kyiv’s raion state administrations.
  • PR support of Khreschatyk Bank’s socially-oriented credit products Healthy Lifestyle and Credit Limit on Pension Card.
  • Joint (with MasterCard) program of supporting Ukrainian children’s team who participated in the 47th International Summer Children’s Games in Windsor, Canada.

Khreschatyk Bank’s most important social projects in 2012:

  • Financial support program for small and medium businesses in Kyiv. The program’s main focus is on the projects involving energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technologies, export-oriented products and social infrastructure, modernization of production facilities and creation of new jobs. Compensates up to 70-80% of loan interest. During the existence of this program, our bank made 345 agreements for the total amount of almost UAH 1,315 million.
  • Low-interest mortgage financing program for young families and single young persons in Kyiv. Fosters social protection of the youth, helps improve living conditions of young families and provides an opportunity to buy own home. Since 2005, 1210 families in Kyiv have purchased apartments financed by our bank in the total amount of UAH 262 million. Overall, 90.98 thousand sq.m of housing space was built with the total value of UAH 322.78 million.
  • Large-scale social project The Kievite’s Card. It’s goal is to provide social protection to Kyiv’s families with many children, pensioners, disabled persons, etc. The Kievite’s Card is a full-fledged Visa payment instrument that has social and transportation applications. Almost 560 thousand Kievites will receive this card by the end of 2013.
  • National financial education program A Step Into Life, intended for graduates of secondary schools, colleges, vocational schools, lyceums, etc. Free opening and maintenance of Visa or MasterCard card account which also comes with an E-Pay card for online transactions, available at any Khreschatyk Bank branch in Ukraine. Over 1800 persons in 23 regions of Ukraine have already become participants of this program.
  • Charitable payment card Children Above All! A fully-functional Visa chip card with the additional option: charitable deductions for the benefit of orphans, children from low-income families and families with many children, and the talented youth. A particular feature is that the cardholder himself selects the amount of deduction.
  • Healthy Lifestyle loan program envisaging low-interest loans in the form of revolving line of credit to finance purchase of medications and medical devices at Kyiv’s 66 municipal pharmacies.
  • Low-interest loan program for pensioners, with credit limit up to one median monthly pension amount. No loan issuance fee applies.
  • Khreschatyk Bank and MasterCard joint programs supporting children’s sport. Sponsorship of the football team of Kyiv’s Sporting School for Children and the Youth No 14 and the children’s national team at the 47th International Summer Children’s Games in Windsor, Canada.
  • Exhibition of the young Ukrainian artist Olha Kvasha at Khreschatyk Bank’s Volhynian regional branch.

Khreschatyk Bank’s most important social projects in 2011:

During 2011, Khreschatyk Bank traditionally devoted sufficient attention to its social activity. It received deserved praise from the public: our bank was named among the top three socially-responsible banks according to GVardia 500. Rating of Socially-Responsible Businesses 2011, and became the undisputable winner of the 2011 Ukrainian Banker Awards contest as the best socially-oriented bank.


Among the main social events held in 2011 the most noteworthy were:

  • financial education program A Step Into Life (under this program, A Step Into Life payment cards were issued to school graduates from all regions of Ukraine);
  • round tables on implementation of the new Tax Code of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine On Joint-Stock Companies with representatives of regional tax administrations, Khreschatyk Bank experts and local mass media in a number of Ukraine’s regions;
  • One Day in the History of Football project implemented at Kyiv’s Sports School for Children and the Youth No 14 (with the support of MasterCard, a team of young footballers received athletic apparel and were provided assistance with organization of trainings and participation in away tournaments);
  • participation in 2011 Kyiv Contest of Young Entrepreneurs with the issuance of payment cards and certificates for reduced-fee service;
  • support of the children’s photography contest Small Rascals on Kherson’s TV channel VTV+;
  • support of the jazz festival Live in Blue Bay Jazz, Koktebel.

Khreschatyk Bank’s most important social projects in 2010:

  • Charitable program for war and journalism veterans (Veteran of the Press Charitable Foundation honoring journalists – WWII veterans, Kyiv city organization of war and Armed Forces invalids, All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation for Veterans of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine, Council of Organization of Veterans of the Shevchenkivskyi Raion in Kyiv, Rivne Oblast Organization of Ukrainian Veterans, etc.).

  • Charitable program for development of culture, arts, education, healthcare (Association of Corporate Media civic organization, Kyiv City Oncological Hospital, Podilska Hromada Charitable Foundation, etc.).

  • Young entrepreneurs support program (Kyiv city contest Young Entrepreneur of the Year).

  • Charitable program of using the special card Children Above All! For every transaction using this card, certain amount is donated to support poor children and the talented youth.

Khreschatyk Bank’s most important social projects in 2009:

  • National Union of Journalists of Ukraine;

  • Veteran of the Press Charitable Foundation ;

  • Kyiv city organization of war and Armed Forces invalids;

  • Council of Organizations of Veterans of the Sviatoshynskyi and Shevchenkivskyi Raions in Kyiv;

  • Okhmadyt National Specialized Children’s Hospital;

  • Kyiv Employment Center for the Youth;

  • Kyiv City Oncological Hospital;

  • architectural and historical landmarks in Kharkiv’s Kyivskyi Raion;

  • supporting logistical base of educational institutions in Kyiv’s Shevchenkivskyi Raion.