Your card’s security

Advice to cardholders:

  1. Before picking up your card and envelope with a PIN code at a Khreschatyk Bank, make sure that the envelope is undamaged! If the envelope is sealed correctly, the bank always guarantees confidentiality of your PIN code: nobody knows it but you.
  2. After picking up your card, make sure to sign it on the reverse side.
  3. Never keep the envelope with PIN code together with your card.
  4. Under no circumstances you should tell your PIN code to third parties!
  5. Never write the PIN code on your card.
  6. Nobody, including Khreschatyk Bank representatives, should ask you for and know your PIN code.
  7. Always keep your card with the same care you keep cash. Never leave your card unattended.
  8. Never give your card to anyone except a Khreschatyk Bank teller. Always keep your card within your sight.
  9. Under no circumstances you should tell your card information to third parties. Always remember that online card transactions are the most insecure debt settlement method, because fraudsters may steal your confidential information: cardholder’s name, card number and CVV2 code.
  10. Before traveling out of town where you intend to use your card, make sure to notify Khreschatyk Bank about it. It especially concerns the countries with heightened risk of processing card transactions (the list of these countries is being continuously updated).
  11. For online transactions, use special cards: E-Pay and Virtual Card which may be applied for via Khreschatyk Online.
  12. If your card is lost or stolen, immediately report it to Khreschatyk Bank by calling our Call Center at: 0 (44) 490-52-31 or 0-800-305-505 (toll-free in Ukraine).
  13. Don’t forget to activate the SMS Notification service from Khreschatyk Bank on your card account to be able to control your card account activity in real time.