2015 chronicles


• Credit Rating, a national authorized credit rating agency has confirmed the bank’s long-term credit rating as uaА, stable outlook. The rating is characterized by high creditworthiness comparing to other Ukrainian borrowers.

• Standard Rating, an authorized rating agency has published its quarterly deposit rating for 3Q 2015. Khreschatyk Bank has once again confirmed its highest possible safety: rd.1 (pi), ranked 16th among the eighteen safest Ukrainian banks.    

• Khreschatyk Bank is a winner of the IV All-Ukrainian Contest “A Trustworthy Bank 2015” in the “Bank That Retains High Level of Customer Trust” nomination.

• In the quarterly rating of safe banks for 3Q 2015 by Dengi.ua weekly, Khreschatyk Bank retains the 17th rank among banks of groups І and ІІ, while in the rating of bank strength by www.minfin/com.ua portal it climbed 10 rungs up to the 16th position.

In the annual rating study 50 Leading Ukrainian Banks in 2015 held, for the fourth year in a row, by Financial Club (this year, jointly with Business weekly), Khreschatyk Bank climbed   6 rungs up to the 14th position in the overall rating of Ukrainian banks.

• Khreschatyk Bank is ranked 18th among banks of groups I and II in the rating of vitality of Ukrainian banks by Forbes, included to group B (stable level of financial strength).

• According to the 2015 study of business reputation of Ukrainian banks by the independent public opinion research company NOKs fishes, Khreschatyk Bank is ranked 10th among the leaders in terms of reputation characteristics.

• Khreschatyk Bank is ranked 12th in the bank reputation rating by Business weekly. This rating features only 15 Ukrainian credit and financial institutions.

• The Chairman of Khreschatyk Bank’s Management Board is named among the country’s top 5 bankers at the all-Ukrainian contest 2015 Banker’s Awards, ranked 2nd in terms of the quantitative and qualitative indicators of presence in information space in 2015; 3rd in the "Who is your favorite banker?" survey of Facebook users by Hubs portal, a ranking of the most respected bankers; and 5th in the Hubs survey of bankers who are asked to name their most professional colleague.


Customer orientation

• During January-November 2015, Khreschatyk Bank’s branches signed up 2358 corporate customers, which is 355 businesses (or 17.7%) more than during the similar period of last year.

• The loyalty program for borrowers serving in the military was improved. In particular, a borrower is now eligible not only for a deferment of principal payments by signing an additional agreement with the bank but also for the relief, for the duration of a ‘special period’ of loan interest and any fees and penalties.

• During 2015, Khreschatyk Bank’s 24-hour call center hotline has received almost 1.8 million calls with inquiries regarding the most diverse aspects of service, a 35.5% increase vs the preceding year.

• The number of inquiries with the bank’s specialists placed via the interactive communication form on Khreschatyk Bank’s corporate website has reached almost 2130, which is 16% more than in 2014.

• Khreschatyk Bank was named the winner in the Best Loyalty Programs for Customers nomination at the VII All-Ukrainian Contest ‘2015 Bank of the Year’.

In the annual rating study 50 Leading Ukrainian Banks in 2015, Khreschatyk Bank was named among the ten leaders in the ‘Servicing Corporate Customers’ and ‘Servicing Individual Customers at a Branch’ nominations. 

• In recognition of the best results in servicing corporate customers and the ability to ensure stable and quality performance and retain corporate customers in the conditions of economic and political crisis, Khreschatyk Bank was ranked 4th in the Corporate Partner nomination in the Financial Oscar. Fall 2015 rating held, for the 18th year in a row, by Business weekly.


Effective communications

• Ranked as the ‘Best Bank Press Service’ and among the top three heads of press service in banking sector according to MediaVershky study by the independent public opinion research company NOKs fishes.

• Ranked among the five leaders of the media market among Ukrainian banks with the highest quality of media resonance according to MediaVershky study by the independent public opinion research company NOKs fishes.

• Khreschatyk Bank’s 2014 Annual Report Our Incredible Country, Beloved Ukraine received (for the third year in a row) the Grand Prix at the Х All-Ukrainian Contest ‘The Best Corporate Media in Ukraine in 2015’.

• Ranked 2nd in the Corporate Film nomination at the Х All-Ukrainian Contest ‘The Best Corporate Media in Ukraine in 2015’ for formation of the leader team reputation and promotion of the brand’s philosophy in Khreschatyk Bank’s film Team: Our Lifeline devoted to the bank’s 22nd anniversary.



• For several years in a row, the rating agency Credit Rating has been confirming Khreschatyk Bank’s deposit safety rating as 4 (highly safe). It means that the probability of problems with timely return of deposits is virtually nonexistent.

• According to the NBU report on the banking system’s performance results in 3Q 2015, Khreschatyk Bank is ranked 16th in terms of the volume of individual deposit portfolio and 3rd in terms of the volume growth rate of individual hryvnia deposits.

• During 11 months of 2015, the resource base of corporate funds has grown by UAH 163 million to almost UAH 3 billion, while the resource base of private funds has increased by UAH 526 million to UAH 4.4 billion.

• One of the key indicators of trust in Khreschatyk Bank is a high level of prolongation of corporate and individual deposits: almost 80% of deposits have been prolonged.

During 15 days of the New Year’s Start deposit program, over 660 customers have signed up for this promotion and trusted Khreschatyk Bank almost UAH 48 million in their funds. Overall, almost UAH 6.6 billion in individual deposits was accepted during 11 months of 2015; of that amount, 87% was deposited under promotional programs offered by Khreschatyk Bank during this period.


New products and services

• OSBB+ fee package offered by Khreschatyk Bank under the new Law of Ukraine On Exercising the Ownership Right at Apartment Buildings helps solve, by offering lower fees, financial problems of Associations of Apartment Building Co-Owners (OSBB). 

Advantageous products for business customers that adapt deposit terms offered to legal entities and sole proprietorships to contemporary requirements include Stable and Loyal term deposit groups that offer customers not only the maximum yield but also the most loyal early withdrawal terms.

• Ranked 1st at the Favorites of Success all-Ukrainian contest of trademarks in the Mortgage Loan nomination.

In the annual rating study 50 Leading Ukrainian Banks in 2015, Khreschatyk Bank was named among the ten leaders in the ‘Overdrafts’ and ‘Private Banking’ nominations.

• Khreschatyk Bank is expanding the line of premium class cards for VIP customers, launching the issue of MasterCard World Elite cards, the most prestigious MasterCard payment cards. Along with the Visa Infinite card which Khreschatyk Bank has been issuing since 2011, these cards belong to the private banking segment.

In addition, the bank began to issue premium class cards with an additional option. From now on, anyone can order a Visa Platinum card with the cardholder’s photo on it. In addition, this option is available to customers applying for Universal, Platinum Plus, Payroll Card and the highest-class Visa Infinite cards.

• Khreschatyk Bank has implemented a technology of issuing MasterCard PayPass universal contactless payment cards with electronic digital signature, required for authorization of these cards on government portals, electronic document flow and reporting.

• Khreschatyk Bank has resumed acceptance of euro-denominated personal checks for collection and purchase of euro-denominated traveler’s checks. It became possible after Khreschatyk Bank signed agreements with foreign commercial banks.


Investment banking and stock market

• Ranked among the top 15 most open Ukrainian banks for investors, according to a study of bank websites.

• Ranked 6th among commercial banks in terms of the number of securities accounts and 12th in terms of the volume of depositary assets, according to a version by the Professional Association of Registrars and Depositories (PARD).

• A leader, for several years in a row, among the corporate bond traders on the PFTS.

• During three quarters of 2015, Khreschatyk Bank as a securities trader has entered into 410 agreements worth UAH 3.182 billion, including over 200 agreements worth UAH 2.711 billion as a dealer.

• During 11 months of 2015, the volume of depositary assets on Khreschatyk Bank’s balance has increased by 18.5% vs the similar period of last year, reaching UAH 8.6 billion as of 01.12.15. During the same period, the volume of accounting transactions processed at the nominal value has increased by 7% to almost UAH 6.8 billion.


Bank metals

• Since the beginning of 2015, Khreschatyk Bank has sold almost 70 thousand commemorative coins of the National Bank of Ukraine. Overall, the National Bank has issued 30 commemorative coin names during this period, of which almost 8% was sold via Khreschatyk Bank as an official distributor. In addition, the bank sold almost 5,700 coins of the Children’s Zodiac series, or almost 65% of the total number of “children’s” coins, which Khreschatyk Bank received from the National Bank as an official distributor.


Payment cards

• During 11 months of 2015, the volume of transactions made with Khreschatyk Bank-issued payment cards has increased by 26% vs the similar period of the preceding year, while the number of transactions went up by 20%. The growth of these indicators was driven, first of all, by the 40% increase of the number of cashless transactions, including the 42% increase in online transactions, which drove up the volume of these transactions by 56% and 60%, respectively.

• Since the year’s beginning, the number of payroll projects handled by Khreschatyk Bank has increased by 330, while the number of active cards used to receive wages credited via Khreschatyk Bank has grown, during the same period, by almost 3% to 149 thousand.

• The amount of wages credited to card accounts at Khreschatyk Bank under payroll projects has increased by almost 20% since the beginning of 2015.

• The number of Khreschatyk Bank-issued pension cards has increased by 23% since the beginning of 2015. In addition, the number of holders of The Kievite’s Card, a social payment instrument used by the Kievites to receive pension payments at Khreschatyk Bank, has increased by 26%. Therefore, the total number of cards for payment of pensions and social benefits has exceeded 686 thousand as of 15.12.15.


Cashless debt settlement transactions

• For the fifth year in a row, Khreschatyk Bank becomes the recipient of a professional award from foreign colleagues, the Deutsche Bank AG award for the high quality of US dollar transactions processed under foreign trade operations of loro-type correspondent banks and its corporate and retail customers.

The same award, the STP Award was given to Khreschatyk Bank by Commerzbank AG, Germany.

• Thanks to cooperation with information security and audit departments, Khreschatyk Bank’s processing center has de-facto received PCI-DSS, a security conformance certificate from Visa and MasterCard.

In addition, the bank has completed the NBU’s certification of acquiring of NSMEP (National System of Mass Electronic Payments) chip cards. The certification was performed under the NSMEP implementation project based on open international standards. It enables Khreschatyk Bank to process transactions using NSMEP chip cards issued by any Ukrainian banks in the bank’s own ATM and POS terminal network.

• Khreschatyk Bank’s processing center has completed, jointly with the NBU’s Central Router, implementation of the functional processing online transactions using own-issued NSMEP-2 cards.

• Since the beginning of 2015, the number of РОS terminals in Khreschatyk Bank’s acquiring network has increased by over 200%. As a result, the bank was able to increase the volume of transactions 2.57 times and the amount of income from these transactions 2.41 times. Therefore, according to data by the NBU, Khreschatyk Bank became one of the 10 largest acquiring banks in Ukraine.


Remote service channels

• During 11 months of 2015, the number of customers who signed up for Khreschatyk Online banking service has grown by 57.48%. During this period, 1.65 thousand online deposits were made for the total amount of close to UAH 122.45 million.

• The number and volume of online transactions have grown 4.98 and 5.85 times, respectively.


Network growth

• In the fall of 2015, Khreschatyk Bank has opened four new branches in Kyiv: Kniazhe branch opened its doors in the large residential neighborhood Pozniaky, near Kharkivska Metro station; Vernadske branch in the Communal Service Center in Kyiv’s Sviatoshynskyi Raion; Sofiivske branch inside the Hyundai dealership on Velyka Kiltseva Doroha; and Vatutinske branch at Troieshchyna Market.

Khreschatyk Bank continues to prove its customer orientation: effective 10 December 2015, certain branches have extended the operational day until 17:30, with payments processed the same business day.


Social responsibility

• Khreschatyk Bank launches a large scale loyalty program for its customers – holders of Visa Khreschatyk Friends cards.

Khreschatyk Bank launches the Pupil’s Card issued under The Kievite’s Card social project. Over 70 students from the Natural Sciences Lyceum No 145 in Kyiv’s Pecherskyi Raion became the first holders of this innovative payment instrument with important applications.

• Khreschatyk Bank and Chernivtsi City Council began to work on implementing the joint social project The Chernivchanyn’s Card.

• Under A Step Into Life program, Khreschatyk Bank becomes a partner of the V All-Ukrainian Contest ‘Moral Deed’ featuring over 30 thousand participating students from all over Ukraine. In addition, annual events were held under the nationwide financial education program for the youth A Step Into Life. This year, Khreschatyk Bank’s representatives gave 200 certificates for a free same-name payment card A Step Into Life to the best students of Kyiv National University of Economics and graduates of Kyiv’s Gymnasium No 48.

• An international scientific and practical conference was held on the premise of Uzhhorod National University with the support from Khreschatyk Bank and personally the bank’s Chairman of Management Board, aimed at solving contemporary problems in development of the country’s financial system, devising strategies and models of efficient financial management and establishing financial security at all levels of financial relations.

• Khreschatyk Bank becomes the general partner of Studvesna-2015, an annual student festival hosted by the National University of Aviation; a partner of Pedagogical Oscar held at T. Shevchenko Kyiv National University, and a partner of the first all-Ukrainian student summit ‘Ukraine’s Civilized Choice: Political and Legal Paradigm and the Problems of Essential Transformations’ held on the premise of Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs.

• Khreschatyk Bank becomes a partner of the United People’s concert held at the Ukrainian House with the support from Gurtom charitable foundation.

• Khreschatyk Bank’s attended 17 industry conferences, round tables and seminars, including: IV International Conference ‘Security of Financial and Credit Institutions: New Challenges – New Solutions 2015’; I International Conference ‘Digital Bank’; I International Conference ‘The Future of Digital Transactions 2015’; ‘Property Pledged to Bank: Management and Prospects’ conference held with the support from Financial Club, Ukrainian Building Community and Kyiv City Council; II International Conference ‘The Future of Digital Banking-2015’ organized by the international financial club Banker; closed professional conference of Financial Club and Ukrainian Building Community; round table: ‘When will stabilization come to the banking sector?’; round table: ‘The state of banking business in 2015. Small and medium businesses’ featuring Financial Club; Х business forum ‘Innovations in Communications. 2016 Trends’.