Dear friends:


Soon, clock bells will announce that another year has gone and a new year is here. We don’t know exactly yet what the new year will bring; nevertheless, we make plans, nurse expectations, and hope for the future. But in the last hours of the passing year, we think more about what we lived through and went through, for all hopes and desires stem from achievements, success and lessons that life teaches us. Let our memory keep only good and pleasant recollections of the year 2015, so that we can look into future with confidence and joy.

We are sincerely grateful to everyone for professional performance, for trusting us and doing business with us. Ukrainians have always been known for hard work, social solidarity and sincerity of desires. This inexhaustible potential will help all of us create the future of our beloved country – happy, beautiful and wealthy. Create by our own will, mind and hands.

We wish every one of you ideal harmony in the coming year. Harmony in everything. Let everything that you will do or will be done for you be positive and welcomed. Let all your dreams and desires come true, and the year 2016 become everything we want it to be. Let fate cast its grace upon you, bringing pleasant impressions, interesting meetings, love and belief in your own strength!

Welcoming the New Year, let’s wish to each other and to ourselves the prosperity for our country. Let us make a gift of the most valuable and precious things we have – love and warmth of our hearts, attention and care of our close ones to make more people happy in the coming year. Let our dreams come true in the new year, let love cover us with a tender shroud and luck turn its face to us with a warm, motherly smile! Let you path in life be full of happiness; let fate be gracious, hope strong and will for good deeds unbending!


Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!



Our congratulations!


Chairman of the Supervisory Board                                       Chairman of the Management Board

Andrii Herasymenko                                                              Dmytro Hrydzhuk