Insuring individual deposits

The Individual Deposit Insurance Fund (IDIF) operates as a specialized government organization.


The Fund’s key purpose is to protect the rights and lawful interests of commercial banks’ depositors and increase public trust in Ukrainian banking system.


Resolution of the Individual Deposit Insurance Fund’s Administrative Board No 27 dated 21.08.12 On Increasing the Deposit Compensation Amount which was registered at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 29.08.12 under No 1452/21764 has entered into force on 17 September 2012. This resolution has increased the deposit compensation amount (including interest earned) payable by the Fund to UAH 200,000.

Full text of this resolution is available on the IDIF’s official website, section ‘Legislation’, here.


Individual Deposit Insurance Fund’s information materials



IDIF address: 01032 Kyiv, T. Shevchenka Blvd. 33-b, tel: 0-800-308-108 (toll-free in Ukraine).




Khreschatyk Bank has the Individual Deposit Insurance Fund member certificate No 19, registration date 02.09.99, registration No 020